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I'm having a wanderlust moment. I recently ran out of my Josie Maran Argan Oil that I use for literally everything in life and started a bottle of pure argan oil I picked up last summer during my trip to Morocco with my husband. Argan oil originates from Morocco and has recently exploded in the North American market. Products range from hair to cosmetics with Josie Maran being the largest spokesperson for this oil currently in the cosmetics industry. 

With the huge demand of this oil, there have been women's cooperatives launched throughout Morocco to assist in producing jobs for women. One of the first places my husband and I visited was a cooperative while we drove towards the Sahara from Marrakech. The women were incredibly welcoming and knowledgeable. They toured us around the cooperative sharing their passion and insight on the argan tree, how the oils and soaps were produced and answered any questions we had. Heading to Morocco, argan oil was on my must have "shopping" list, so I picked up a few items for myself, friends and family. 

Argan oil is a great all around product that should work for everyone. I personally use it for my hair and face. Recently, I've been using it to remove my eye makeup - it's natural, gentle and removes eye makeup as well as a regular makeup remover. When my skin becomes insanely dry, I definitely reach for the Argan oil to moisturize. A few drops and my skin feels 10x hydrated. 

I've only ever used Josie Maran's Argan Oil, so I've grown accustomed to the dropper style glass bottle it comes in and prefer this over the spray bottle I picked up in Morroco. I feel like there is much more control with the dropper, so I might transfer the Argan oil into another bottle for my convenience. 

Morocco is a photographer's dream. From the beautiful solitude of the Sahara, to the remote Atlas mountains to the hustle and bustle of the winding and narrow streets of the souks in Marrakech, there is something for everyone. If you want to experience the souks, pick up a fresh O.J (the best ever) just on the outskirts of the souks and prepare yourself for one of the most incredible shopping experiences of your life. Get ready to bargain and know what you're willing to pay for items on your shopping list. If you prefer the quiet, scenic views, take a drive towards the Atlas Mountains or the Sahara - you won't regret the long trek. In fact, aside from the shopping in Marrakech, our most memorable experience was in the Sahara. 

Have you been to Morocco before? Let me know in the comments!

6 comments on "argan oil | morocco "
  1. Awesome post. x

  2. Stunning photographs!! Wow! Such a lovely post and thanks for sharing.

    Laura xo

  3. Did you take all these pictures yourself? They are beautiful and it shows what a good eye you have for photography! I too have only used Josie Maran Argan Oil, it's great but I have since move to other facial oils.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I did! Thank you so much! What facial oils do you use?!

  4. I've heard so much about Argan oil, it reminds me of coconut oil as it's incredibly hydrating and you can use it for so many things. I actually had a sample of the Josie Maran Argan Oil that I loved, but I never got around to purchasing the full size. It's so cool that you went to Morocco and learned so much about it!

    Sam |

    1. Thanks so much!! Yeah, Argan and coconut oil are fantastic, aren't they?! :)


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