the must haves: laneige water sleeping mask

Last year was all about skincare. I did a complete overhaul of my skincare products as I scoured the beauty aisles on a mission for the most hydrating, light weight and non-greasy formula money can buy. The hunt is over, friends. I transitioned entirely to the Laneige line and haven't looked back since! Everything I've tried from Laneige has been incredible, however, I can't rave enough about their Water Sleeping Mask (2.7 oz, $30 cdn). 

This revitalizing gel mask absorbs quickly and keeps your skin hydrated throughout the night. Although the product should be used once or twice a week, I tend to dip into the jar more frequently during the winter season. When my skin begins to feel dehydrated, I literally create a small layer over my face and let it soak in overnight. My skin receives an instant boost of hydration and the next morning my skin feels fantastic. I have never had so many great skin days in a row

Growing up with combination skin was pretty annoying. Every product I used would either work for my t-zone but not the rest of my face or vice versa. Hydrating gels and creams would make my t-zone super oily. This mask has a gel like consistency, making it super light weight and non-greasy, thus, making my skin look much less oily than it used to without sacrificing hydration. 

Needless to say, this is one product that is a must have for me. It works wonders and is currently one of the least expensive masks on the market. Laneige has began to expand their line; which now includes hydrating, repairing and brightening products. Moving into 2016, the Korean skincare game is continuing to remain strong.

Have you tried any of the brightening products by Laneige? That's next on my list to try!
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  1. This product sounds so luxurious yet affordable for a good product! Must try since I have heard so much good things about Laneige on top of this post :) -Maireem

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