nest eau de parfum rollerball trio | indigo, verde, dahlia & vines

Only recently has Black Friday become a "thing" up here in the Great White North. Sephora was no exception to offering some special limited deals to their customers. There was one set that caught my eye - the nest eau de parfum rollerball trio. I have heard only good things about this perfume and at the affordable price of $13 cdn for three rollerballs, it was an easy decision. 

The Breakdown
3 x 0.2 Mini Rollerball in Indigo, Verde, Dahlia & Vines

Moroccan tea, kashmir wood and black cardamom are enhanced with hints of wild fig and bergamot.
This scent brings me back to the summer Julian and I spent roaming the Moroccan markets. With notes of sweet and spicy, pepper and fig, this aroma is simply divine. It's stronger than the other two scents in this set and borders on the line of masculine.
A blend of wild fern and Himalayan cedar in an invigorating balance with verbena leaves and vetiver.
A sharp, crisp and clean scent of fern. This smell reminds me of winter in the woodlands. This scent is more masculine, rustic and natural.
Dahlia & Vines
Dewy daffodils, peony and rose are blended with the essences of garden vines.
This is the most traditional of the three scents. It has a soft floral fragrance that isn't overpowered by the roses like so many other scents tend to do. Dreamy and wearable for both day and night. This scent is more feminine.

The Packaging
The sleek, matte and simple design is what made me pick this set up on a whim. The size of the bottles are perfect to throw into your bag; I wouldn't worry about leakage as the rollerballs are solidly built.

I love how unique all three fragrances are. Indigo is vibrant, Verde is woodsy and Dahlia & Vines is traditional. There are so many options when it comes to fragrance sets as you can use them individually or layer them on top of one another to create a more personalized scent.
NEST fragrances is a rising brand that creates at home candles, home fragrances and perfumes. They've done an exceptional job and I wouldn't hesitate to pick some of these scents up for my home as well!

rating: 9/10 
At this price point, this set is a wonderful sampler. If you're looking for a change to the generic floral perfumes out there, I recommend trying out NEST fragrances. Unfortunately, this set isn't part of the permanent collection so you will have to wait for another deal before picking this trio up. The positive side is that they do offer additional fragrance sets and larger bottles if you prefer a single scent.

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