Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Hair Mist Review

As a commuter living in a large city, you begin to realize that there are all sorts of smells that work their way into your personal space - welcomed or not. This olfactory invasion happens more frequently than you think, but I cannot stand those lingering scents that seem to attach to you and follow you everywhere you go.

When hair mists started popping up, I didn’t look twice. Hair mists? Why couldn’t I just use perfume? Well, after doing a bit of research, I realized that maybe it wasn’t the best idea to be spritzing my hair with perfume. The alcohol in perfumes can cause your hair to dry out – not the look I’m going for. With that, I decided to bite the bullet and pick up the Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Hair Mist (35ml, $56 cdn) to see if a perfume made specifically for hair would keep my hair smelling great without drying it out.

What it does:
Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Hair Mist is a gentle mist that enhances shine while the light and airy scent helps keep your hair fresh throughout the day. It is a delicate perfume specially designed to not dry out your hair.

Chanel puts great care in making their products look and feel luxurious. With the frosted glass bottle and metal side frame, this is elegance in a bottle. The silver metal spray nozzle is just your standard nozzle found on most perfume bottles for even distribution. 

This light and airy fragrance is exactly what I needed in my daily routine. Chanel Chance Eau Tendre is a fresh, clean and sweet smelling scent without being overpowering. The scent only lasts a couple of hours, which I feel could be improved on but it is undeniable that those first couple of hours keep my hair smelling incredibly fresh. As you need to reapply every hour or two to keep this scent going throughout the day, I feel they should create a “travel” bottle to take on the go. The glass bottle, although only 35ml, isn’t very travel friendly.

This hair mist is definitely a luxury that isn’t necessary for day-to-day use. However, I cannot get enough of this scent! The sweet grapefruit notes combined with Cedar and Jasmine work so incredibly well together, I can’t stay away. I will have to pick up the perfume at some point as I generally find it difficult to find a fresh and clean scent that is soft and not overwhelming for my daily use.  

I know this is 100% a “nice to have” product but if you’re like me and you commute to work in all types of weather (ex. insane wind, humidity, you name it), I bet you would want to keep this as your secret weapon in your purse at all times (keep it well protected!). I will absolutely repurchase this mist in a heartbeat! This is the exact scent that I need to freshen up when I arrive to work after battling 40 KPH winds!

Have you tried any Hair Mists? 


  1. I haven't tried a hair mist, but this sounds amazing! I like the concept of this and I never honestly thought about not spritzing perfume into my hair, but I can see why you could potentially be drying it out!

  2. First of all, welcome back! It's been ages since I saw a post from you and I thought you've quit for good. :-) Secondly and onto the product, I have seen a few hair mist around but I don't think I'll ever get one. If I ever do need to freshen up my hair, I will opt for a dry shampoo instead.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah, I took a bit of a break over the summer but missed blogging too much! :P
      Dry shampoos just don't work for me! I've tried all types and different ways to use them but they make my hair feel awful all day! I guess it depends on the type of hair you have! :)

  3. I haven't tried any hair mists but this one sounds lovely. I cannot get over this packaging too! Even if I didn't need this I would totally buy it for the photos. I know, I am so bad! I am not super in to scents. I only wear perfume once a week or so, but I could definitely see this coming in handy for me when I am traveling all day on a plane.


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