soaking it all up: mamonde sheet masks

I didn't expect something so simple could make you look both scary and hilarious simultaneously. The first time I put on a sheet mask I was reconsidering the entire thing. A wet cloth on my face?! As I turned the corner wearing this soaking wet sheet, Julian looked up in initial shock then bursted out in laughter causing me to do the same! Sheet masks have been around for a long time in the Asian world of beauty. The end goal is to help your skin become the best it can be by allowing the sheet ingredients to lock and absorb within your skin. 

This past weekend, my mom and I spent the afternoon at Pacific Mall eating and shopping. This was the perfect opportunity for me to pick up a few sheet masks from a brand called Mamonde. I chose four masks from the flower essential line ($2.50 - $3.00 Cdn each): Lotus Cooling & Soothing, Sun Flower Nutrition, Pomegrante Anti Aging and the Dual Gel Meadowsweet Pure Brightening. Mamonde is yet another label under the umbrella of Korean based skincare products by Amore Pacific. Sheet masks are a great pick me up that should result in brightening, tightening and hydrating your skin. I try to use sheet masks weekly during the dry winter months to bring as much moisture and life back into my skin as possible.

Sheet masks come in all forms of material from rubber to cloth. The Mamonde masks are a cloth like material that are ultra wet to the touch, however, not so wet as to cause a mess all over your floor. The shape of the mask may not be suitable for all face shapes as I noticed that a few places around my nose needed to be constantly patted down. If you're in the market for something instantly hydrating with no hassle, I recommend trying a sheet mask out. Would I tell you to run out and pick up a Mamonde sheet mask because it's a game changer? No - they're not out of this world amazing but they do the job of instant hydration. I'm also not thrilled that a few of the masks I picked up have alcohol on their ingredients list. I personally didn't experience any negative effects or irritation from the alochol, but I know a lot of people do. 

Sheet masks vs. Clay masks. 
Ultimately, it comes down to preference. I prefer sheet masks because they're perfect to just throw on for a little pick me up. I also like that I have the option to make facial movements without worrying about cracking. Clay masks are super restricting and at times, messy. As mentioned earlier, Julian and I crack up in laughter, similar to my face when the clay starts to dry.

rating: 6/10
They're hydrating but nothing out of the ordinary. If I have them, great, but sadly, I won't be in a panic if I run out. There are better masks out there.


  1. i love sheet masks, these sound nice :)

    danielle | avec danielle

  2. I've been seeing these masks everywhere, I think I need to try one finally! xo