the budget buy: joe fresh blush sticks

This Valentine's weekend has me thinking about love. Obviously, I'm talking about my love for blush and all things pink! I generally gravitate towards powder blushes and although I've always wanted to try cream blush, I've never had the courage to pick one up - until a few days ago. 

Shoppers Drug Marts across Canada have launched an affordable beauty line by Joe Fresh. I figured this would be my opportunity to play with creamy blush sticks without breaking the bank. I chose two pretty pink blushes in Radiant Rose and Peach Dream and the highlighter stick in Pure Glow. 

The packaging is exactly what you would expect at this price point - nothing fancy, just simple and sturdy. The blushes are not matte; they have a subtle sparkle when applied. I was surprised at how smooth the blushes glided on and how pigmented the product was. Both blushes blended easily and created a pretty powdery finish on my skin. The highlighter should apply the same as the blushes, however, I had a much harder time applying the product at first. It took some warming up, but I eventually got the product gliding the same way as the blush. I found the pure glow to be a little too sparkly for my taste and personally, I feel it's much more suited to younger women. 

If you haven't had a chance to try out Joe Fresh beauty products, I'd recommend starting with the blush and avoid the highlighter altogether if your age doesn't end in "teen". I think I need to pick up the other two blush stick colours! Love, love, love!

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