march finds

Happy Easter Weekend! I figured after a week away from blogging, my first post back would focus on all the new items I’ve picked up in the past month. Unlike last month’s finds (here), which focused more on Korean skincare, this month had a good mix of high-end skincare products as well as drugstore brand favourites. Some of the items purchased have already been reviewed, while a few will be posted this coming week.

Although the NYX store opened up in Toronto many months back, I had yet to step foot in it. Queen Street used to be my old stomping grounds back in my university days, but recently, I don’t have much reason to head into the downtown core. A couple weeks ago, I finally made the trek down and spent an unhealthy amount of time browsing around the NYX store. This was my first time trying anything from NYX so I stuck with my “when in doubt” products.

NYX Tango withBronzer Powder – When Leopard Gets a Tan ($13 cdn) is a beautiful mix between a bronzer and blush. I picked this because I have nothing like this in my collection and let’s be real, how adorable is this packaging AND name?! This swatches like a dream and works wonderfully on my skin tone. I will be posting a full review within the next couple of days.

I’ve been less bold with my lip choices recently and have stuck to nude pinks as my go to colour. I know NYX is known for their velvet matte lip products, but I was in the market for a no mess, no fuss product that didn’t need much prep work. The moment I swatched the Jumbo Lip Pencil ($6 cdn) I knew I had to take it home with me. It glided on like a dream and has an incredible lasting time. At this price point, I will definitely be back for more. Another lip product I picked up and have been using all month is the Tarte Rainforestof the Sea Quench Lip Rescue ($23 cdn) (review here). I absolutely love how hydrating this product is and the packaging is so freaking cute!

The Real Techniques BlushBrush ($12.99 cdn) has been something I’ve wanted to try but I haven’t had the opportunity to pick up. I finally bought this a few days ago so I haven’t had much time to play with this brush. I’ll be sure to post a review as soon as I have had enough time to test it. Physically, the brush is solidly built and the hair on this brush is extremely full and soft. I’m hoping I have found a replacement for my sigma blush brush!

Tony Moly Egg Pore ($23 cdn) is a product that has been out of stock on the Sephora site for months now. I lucked out and found this at a local Asian beauty store and have been using it two to three times a week since opening it. This scrub helps smoothen and hydrate my pore problem areas, like my nose (in depth review here).

I know there are quite a few people that don’t use face mists, but this is a refreshing step that I love to do – especially during the winter months. This Shiseido Ibuki QuickFix Mist ($32 cdn) is a unique mist that hydrates well and smells divine. Find out why this mist differs from others in my review here.

The Boscia Sake Balm ($58 cdn) is the first botanically-based skincare product that doesn’t break me out. This product has an odd consistency (similar to Jello) that aims to brighten and hydrate the skin. I have been using this every morning as part of my skincare routine since purchasing this at Sephora. Read about this quick absorbing moisturizer here.

What new products have you picked up this month? Let me know down below!


  1. Welcome back! I have been consistently checking your blog but didn't see any updates! I hope you try more from NYX, they are one of my top three favourite drugstore brands and you sooooo need to try their Suede Lip Cream range! I swear they are some of the best liquid lipsticks from the drugstore. I need to swatch that bronzer/blusher hybrid, looks so pretty!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. haha, thank you! I've missed so much - need to catch up with everyone's posts!! :)
      I will definitely try more from NYX! The store was incredible! The lip cream will be my next purchase from them! (Also, I just ordered the elf translucent powder so when it comes in, I"ll try it out and eventually get around to doing a comparison review with the laura mercier brightening powder!!) Happy Easter!

  2. I've only found one Nyx product I didn't like - and it was just because the colour was wayyy off for my skintone. That blush/bronzer looks amazing! Very similar to a wet and wild one I've seen around the web. I'd love to see a swatch of it! The Tarte rainforest of the sea collection is so freaking adorable. I've been eyeing their products up for so long!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

  3. I have been picking up some RT brushes as well and so far I really enjoy them. I´ll just hope they will wash well and invest in some more!

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  4. oo I've been wanting to get a new moisturizer, the Boscia Sake Balm might be something I want to look into! I didn't know NYX did a powder like that, it's so cute!

    Macarons and Mischief

  5. The NYX blush/bronzer looks gorgeous, I can't wait to see your review about it. The Real Techniques Blush Brush is one of my all time favourite brushes, mine is very old but still very soft!

  6. I'd get the Tony Moly Egg Pore for the packaging alone, very cute :-)

  7. The Sake Balm sounds lovely and that NYX bronzer is adorable, who doesn't love a bi of leopard print :)
    xxx Claire

  8. I love NYX products! I purchased body lotions and hand creams and 2-3 lipsticks :) a girl cannot have too many lipsticks!


  9. Lovely photos & I'm loving these products! xx