smashbox - light it up - gloss to go set review

Smashbox has teamed up with California’s neon artist Meryl Pataky to create this incredible lip gloss set for this holiday season. The Smashbox Light It Up – Gloss To Go Set ($30 cdn) is great for those who want to try out several glosses without having to worry about committing to one full sized colour. I picked this set up at Shoppers Drug Mart and thought I would do an overview of what you can look forward to if you pick up this set.

The set includes five (5) shades (5 x 5 ml): Bare Light, Orange Light, Fuchsia Light, Lilac Light and Ruby Light
Both Bare and Fuchsia light apply much more sheer than the other three and are the only two in this set with some sparkle to them. I recommend wearing them overtop another lip product. Orange, Lilac and Ruby light can be layered and worn alone or overtop lipstick to add some brightness and vibrancy. Smashbox tip: Create a personalized shade by mixing and matching between glosses in this set!

These glosses last for several hours, glide on smoothly without that sticky feeling and don’t dry out my lips. They also have great colour and aren’t shockingly bright. The lilac light was the first to catch my eye and one of my favourite colours in this set to wear. I didn’t think I would get too much use out of Bare and Fuchsia light as I’m not a huge fan of sparkly lips, however, the sparkles are so small/minimal that I have been reaching for Bare light much more often than I expected to!

Smashbox has nailed this packaging. It’s fun, bright and caters to those who love boxes. The neon orange acrylic box had me just as excited as the product itself! The glosses come in a standard twist off cap and lip applicator. I appreciate that the applicator isn’t super flexible so you have some resistance when applying to your lips. The glosses are a perfect size to travel with and will not leak if closed correctly. 

This set is a great value if you’re a fan of lip glosses. Each gloss has 5ml of product versus the standard 6ml lip gloss from Smashbox ($25 cdn each). It is also a nice introductory set for people like me who don’t go for glossy looks too often but wouldn’t mind keeping a few on hand for those days you want some shine.


If you’re picking this up as a gift, this would be ideal for teenagers and I wouldn't think twice about purchasing this. From the product quality to the packaging, you have everything you need for a perfect gift. The cost value is great for anyone who loves wearing lip glosses on a daily basis. For me personally, I don’t wear glosses enough to justify repurchasing a set like this again. I would be much more inclined to pick up another set for myself if it had a mix of lipsticks and lip glosses.


  1. Hmm, this might interest someone who is way younger than if I have a daughter then I might buy this for her. Not quite my cup of tea though.

    Reflection of Sanity | b·liv Skincare Set Giveaway

  2. This is an interesting looking palette. I have known of it for a while, but wasn't sure if it was for me. The case is really cute though. Great review.

    Deepti |