24k gold mask | worth its weight in gold?

If you visit my Instagram page each Sunday, you’ll know it’s when I have my weekly “spa day” at home. This past weekend, I used the 24K Gold Mask by Peter Thomas Roth for the first time and decided to write a quick review on my initial thoughts!

I have been using Peter Thomas Roth products for the past 6 months. I absolutely love the Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream – I always see a noticeable difference in my skin when I use this product. The Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is another absolute favourite from this brand as well. Naturally, I had super high hopes for the 24k Gold Mask based on the other products I have been using from this brand. Let's get into the review!

What it does:
This mask is a luxurious anti-aging treatment infused with pure 24k gold and colloidal gold to help improve the appearance of skin firmness and radiance. This is a pampering treatment aimed to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin smooth, firm, radiant, revitalized and youthful.

The mask comes in a translucent plastic container with a twist off cap. It’s quite simple and sleek; nothing out of the ordinary, yet somehow manages to look luxe.  

This mask has a gooey gel-like consistency, almost like fondue or the white school glue from when we were kids. It has a ton of shimmer (as my one friend said, you’ll look like a unicorn!), but not the annoying type that stays on you for days and days. This mask does not have any perfumes or fragrances, so it does have a mild chemical smell to it.

I found that applying the mask onto my face was the highlight of masking with this product. It glided on seamlessly and felt incredible on my skin. It was smooth, cool and made me sparkle! It took a while to dry and I don’t even want to talk about taking this off my face! It was a true struggle; because the mask was gel-like and glided on so well, it was nearly impossible to take this mask off with ease. I got there eventually and the outcome was so-so.

Unfortunately, this was a miss for me. I was really excited to try this mask out but I didn’t notice any instant firmness or radiance. What I did notice was that my skin did feel smooth and hydrated, however, I don’t feel it’s worth the cost for this product when I can buy a sheet mask for a fraction of the price that will do the job even better than this (like this one). Perhaps I'll need to use this more consistently to see results, so I will continue to test this and follow up in a couple months! 

Unfortunately, this will be a miss for me! At this moment in time, I wouldn't repurchase as I didn't see a significant change to my skin. I feel like my money could be better spent elsewhere. 

Have you tried any 24k Gold Masks before? How did you like them?

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  1. It looks like it would be super amazing but what a shame it doesn't deliver like you would expect and that it is difficult to remove - that's a big no for a mask. X


    1. I was so disappointed, but this brand makes up for it with their other products I love!

  2. I think this mask is just ok - I felt that my skin was hydrated but not particularly firm after using it! I just have a mini tube so I wouldn't purchase the full size! xx


  3. I don't understand gold in skincare, it's known that having speckles of them might even do more harm than good to our skin.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    1. Exactly! I haven't been impressed with any gold face products I've tried yet either - will need to pass on this moving forward it seems!

  4. I haven't tried this, it looks so cool and like it would do amazing things, so i'm sad to hear it isn't great especially for the price! x


  5. thanks for sharing your honest thoughts dear
    xx grace